All Please find a first draft of an edited version of Matt Banks original text focusing on cytosponge. I had hoped to focus just on FIT, or to join cytopsonge with the colon capsule, but the word counts (750 max) don’t work well - and indeed this cleaves us with the option of covering FIT and the colon capsule in another future edition. FYI the Autumn issue of Gastro Today featured the transnasal endoscopy focus, and this can be seen here: What we need now is for: Matt Banks to review text ands amend/approve - in particular removing anything necessary from the bibliography and ensuring we are not contravening anything legally in regard to the from the Cytosponge technology owner. Stephen Kemp to track down a relevant image we can use (note here I also attach Matt B’s initial text which had images, but am unsure whether these were ever approved for use by the copyright holder) Stephen will also need to add the usual Matt B sign-off to the article, photo of Matt B and 18WS contact details as per the Autumn edition. The deadline is 12 March I understand. Let me know if you need anything else? Thanks Duncan